Musical Electronics Library

Auckland, New Zealand

MEL prehistory 2

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So after having the idea for the library I had to think about how to go about it. Initially my rough plan was to build things myself, using my own money, and store the collection at my house. I spent April and May 2013 building the first dozen circuits for the collection. These were mostly housed in VHS tape boxes, because of these reasons that I wrote about here.

Having a limited budget and wanting to build things as quickly as possible I focused on relatively cheap, simple circuits. The average cost of parts for each box was about $20. I built mainly sound-processing rather than sound-generating stuff, because it’s easier. I built a phaser, a ring modulator, a pitch shifter, some distortions, an oscillator, two noise makers, and a matrix mixer. I did most of the work on a chaotic drum machine, then I got burned out and didn’t make anything for the rest of the year. But I still thought the library was a good idea, and so did everyone I talked to. At the start of this year I met Rob Carter and Brett Ryan, who were both very supportive and wanted to help build stuff for the library. Which brings us up to date. End of prehistory period.



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