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request the pleasure of your company

Hi there! This Thursday at 7pm come on down to the Audio Foundation for an open meet-up/hang-out/chat plus electro-fun-jam with the MEL library collection. BYO 9V batteries, leads and snacks/drinks if you want. The Audio Foundation is a safe warm fuzzy place to experience the mystical power of raw electronic sounds at your fingertips. See you there?


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Workshop: Build a Light-Controlled Oscillator

On Saturday the 17th May at 1pm we will be running a workshop at the Audio Foundation. In this workshop you will be provided with a circuit-board, electronic components, and guidance necessary to build an oscillator whose pitch and volume are controlled by light. You can play this instrument theremin-style by moving your hands near the light-sensors, or put it in moving shadows or near flashing lights for automatic control. The circuit-board is specially designed to fit into a tin can.
light theremin Prototype
This workshop is suitable for beginners. We can teach you how to solder.
Only $40 including materials! Get in touch right now if you want to participate, space is limited. Email kraus [AT] kraus [dot] [co] [dot] [nz]
 do it
Thanks, see you soon!?

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Idea for a new instrument:

You can get these alcohol sensors

mq303and I was thinking, an idea for an instrument would be a thing where you had to blow into a tube and the sensor checks how much alcohol is in your breath. If you haven’t had enough to drink the instrument makes no sound. Keep drinking and try again, now you’re drunk enough and it starts to make sound.