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Auckland, New Zealand

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Korg Little Bits

Tawahinga has generously donated his Korg Little Bits kit to the Musical Electronics Library! Thankyou sir!

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MEL Summer Hours

MEL and the Audio Foundation will be closed from the 20th December till late January. Until the 20th December MEL boxes can be returned to the Audio Foundation during their opening hours Tuesday-Saturday 12-4pm.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the MEL project happen! That means all volunteers, builders, anyone who’s donated anything, gig patrons, staff at the Audio Foundation and AUT, and general well-wishers. Merry christmas! See you all in 2015.

here is laurie spiegel playing synth for your holiday enjoyment

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MEL is now open

Thanks to everyone who came along on Sunday to see the MEL Orchestra perform, and take out memberships to MEL, which is now open! We were overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and generosity. Thanks!
MEL is open on Saturdays from 12-4pm, when a volunteer will be present to assist patrons and issue items from the collection. Items can be returned to Audio Foundation staff during gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-4pm.
You can view the online catalogue here.
MEL Orchestra photo by Joon Yang.
MEL orchestra 16 November 2014

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MEL will now launch on the 16th November 2014, as part of the Audio Foundation Nowhere Festival.

The MEL collection will be displayed at the Old Folks Ass. Hall, Gundry St, Newton, Auckland from 1:30 on the afternoon of the 16th. At 2pm there will be a performance by the MEL Orchestra, where members of the MEL volunteer team perform improvised raw electronic sounds using items from the MEL collection.

Come along and check out the library, it’s a real library now, with catalog numbers and everything!!

big push

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Arduino Synths

Kim Newall at Colab has been investigating sound synthesis using the Arduino microcontroller. Chances are if you are even slightly a nerd you will have encountered the Arduino, a very popular single-board microcontroller that heaps of people use to make robots, art, and, etc. I personally haven’t used one yet but Kim has been showing me some stuff that seems like it could be real useful for MEL. Like we can maybe make a big run of boards and program them to do different things, and house them in the VHS cases just like the other MEL stuff. It would be a good thing to do a workshop on — people could build the boards and then learn how to program their own effects and synths. Also maybe we could have an SD card slot on the MEL collection arduino things, so members could borrow them and pop in their own firmware on an SD card.

So, this is all new to me and therefore interesting and exciting. Here are some relevant links:

Arduino Synth Page

SID chip emulation with the Arduino

Mozzi: sound synthesis library for Arduino

Here’s a thing that someone made using the Mozzi library: